Pai, Thailand

Pai is an amazing little town in the far north of Thailand (just north of Chiang Mai). We were supposed to stay two nights and ended up staying eight. Such a chill place. Waterfalls every day. Hot springs every day. Elephants every day. 

                                            Elephant feeding on the way to the hot springs.

We've found that the best way of exploring a new place is to be able to get into all the nooks and crannies. So, we ended up hiring a scooter, finding a map and exploring Pai, uncovering all the waterfalls and hot springs that this stunning little town has to offer. Accommodation wise, we stayed at a hostel called KK Huts which was run by a very beautiful couple. They were beyond hospitable to us and all other guests. Included in the nights stay was breakfast with 8 options and your choice of tea, coffee or water. Another perk was free WiFi in the communal  area. The rooms were bamboo huts, featuring a hammock on the front deck of each one.
                                                               Our balcony at KK Huts.

 During the communal breakfast one morning, we started talking to a Canadian couple and ended up going tubing  down the river with them. The owners at KK huts organised the tubes and transport for us for around $5AUD. We stocked up on beer and floated down the river with our new friends for a few hours.

                                        Tubing down the Pai river. We had just ran out of beer :(

Hot spring pools.

You never know whom you will meet in Pai. We made so many new friends during our stay and even happened to run into very close olds friends of ours from home. This was by pure chance as neither of us had any clue that the other was travelling through Asia at the time. We ended up hanging out and seeing Pai together for the next few days.

                                                          Reunited with an old friend.

Exploring on the scooter

Pai's big buddha on the hill 

Hidden pools

Hammock Hangs, KK Huts.

Pai's traffic

Funky Monks

Thai mum! 

The best baked potatoes! 

Mo Paeng Waterfall

Boiling eggs at the Hot Springs. 

More Hammock Hangs. 

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