India Highlights

The Taj Mahal
Agra, India. 

There is a reason that the The Taj Mahal is on the Seven Wonders of the World and why it's mentioned on virtually every Indian to do list. The Architecture of this building is completely and utterly astounding. The intricate detail that went into this structure is awe inspiring and it still takes my breath away thinking of the first moment that I saw it. The Taj maintains its beauty all times of the day. 

Camel Safari 
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. 
There is nothing more wonderful than gazing at the clear night sky whilst laying down in the middle of a dessert in India. The moon glows low in the sky and you fall asleep listening to the clear sound of life in the desert. Your guides cook a delicious meal over a fire and the camels are free to roam about during the night time. Generally, as you begin your journey into the desert you will pass through small dessert villages and be greeted by excited children. 

White Water Rafting

The Ganges, Rishikesh, Uttarakhan
Providing that you travel the right time of year, Rishikesh offers some awesome white water rafting. Located in the foothills of the Himilayas, rafting down the Ganges provides you with spectacular views of your surrounds. Finish your paddle off by jumping off a huge rock into the ganges to wash away all sins. A great paddle and coming home sin free? Nice.

Pahar Ganj

Pahar Ganj, Delhi
Pahar Ganj is a district in central Delhi, right near New Delhi Railway station. It is laced with tourists, bars and many, many hotels and is an absolute buzz to stay in. Pahar Ganj is the perfect place to go shopping! The street is laced with groovy shops (including a knittwear vendor who has a tiny shop that has knitted ponchos, hats, socks etc from floor to ceiling) and cafes (Check out Everest Cafe). 

Wild Elephant Sightings
Munnar, Kerala
Elephants are a very popular tourist "activity" around most of Asia. What better way of viewing these beautiful creatures than in their natural habitat? Munnar is the perfect place to see elephants in their natural state. With it's rolling hills of greenery and tree plantations, Munnar is elephant prime. 

Hiring a scooter
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Hire a scooter. Single handedly the best thing you can do to explore a place. They're uber easy to learn and provide such freedom in exploring! This town doesn't have the lollies you want? That's okay. Scoot on down to the next state and grab a couple of bags of Milk Bar eclaires. 

Taking the train
Taking the train the train in India is certainly an experience. Depending on the class that you're in you will either be on the top of a luggage rack with 12 other people or you will have a compartment to yourself. You could be sitting in an upright chair for 14 hours or you could be enjoying a nice bunk bed. The trains in india offer spectacular views of the countryside and provide you with the opportunity to make new friends. No matter what taking the train is always an adventure. 


  1. Wow! So many great tips here, and what lovely photos. I was honestly considering skipping the Taj Mahal, but I am starting to feel like it is something I MUST see. And good to know there are wild elephants in Kerala, I am spending a month there first and would absolutely love to see an elephant in it's natural habitat. It looks like you had a great time in India, I can't wait to see it for myself. Thanks for the great post!





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