New Zealand Campervans

During our recent trip to New Zealand, Emily and I had decided that it would be awesome to drive around the country in a campervan. We started doing our research on prices for the van a few months before we left, the vans were very cheap to hire! We decided to wait before we booked which was an incredibly stupid idea as the price skyrocketed (When we first enquired we were quoted $400 and something and by the time we booked a few months later we paid $1069 NZD).  We still ended up with a good deal that was within our budget.

The van that we got was incredible! It was big enough to transport and sleep three people, it had a little stove, fridge, sink and bench, comfy beds and some cupboard space for all the cooking/eating utensils and food. Everything that you could need!

We had downloaded a free app called 'Camper Mate'. An awesome app with a list of campsites all over New Zealand. We were budget traveling so we always took the cheapest option (generally free).
It is important that if you travel around New Zealand by campervan that you realise the difference between a 'self contained' vehicle and a 'non self contained' vehicle.We unfortunately were not driving a self contained vehicle which meant that a lot of the free campsites were off limits for us. If you think that nobody will notice or care, please think again. We spent the middle of one night in Taupo trying to find a new campsite on little directions given to us by the very nice security guard that evicted us from our original campsite - and who decided not to fine us for our illegal parking. Check with your van provider whether or not your van is self contained and expect to pay more if you request one!

The campervan is a brilliant way to get around the country as you can do what you want to do, go where you want to go, when you want to go! New Zealand is quite a small country but it still takes sometime to drive around. What would normally take 5 hours in Australia would take close to 8-9 hours in New Zealand. This is due to the slow pace of the van up hills (and there are many hills), the fact that the speed limit is lower in N.Z. and it's beautiful scenery that will tempt you to stop every 10 minutes to take pictures.

Remember to check whether or not you need an international drivers license beforeleaving for New Zealand!


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