Top Travel Tips

1. Purchase travel insurance. We've always managed to come across very cheap travel insurance and there are many travel insurance comparative sites on the internet to ensure you get the cheapest price for what you require. 

2. Keep a scanned copy of all important documents i.e Passport, license, insurance etc. These come in handy when you've lost the real thing. 

3. Ensure you know your departure date and time. It may seem like a simple thing to remember, but we've had several friends who have mixed up their travel dates resulting in them missing flights, tours and hotel bookings. 

4. If you're travelling to countries that have recommended vaccinations be sure to get vaccinated before your trip.  Not only can it save a lot of time and money later, you may be rejected from certain countries if you do not have required vaccinations. 

5. Keep an open mind. Do not judge people and places that your are not familiar with. Embrace the differences in cultures and people. Listen to opinions and views you don't agree with and try to put yourself in the lives of other people. 

6. Pack light. You will not need half the things you think you'll need whilst travelling. If you're unsure of anything just leave it at home. If it does arise that you need it overseas you'll almost certainly be able to buy it. 

7. Take lots of photos! I've never been more disappointed than realising I've not taken enough photos of a place that I've visited. What are you going to regret more? Lot's of photos or not enough?


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