What to do in Pai, Thailand.

Pai is a stunningly small town in the North of Thailand. Surrounded by beautiful green mountains, roaming elephants and various places to take a dip, Pai is a beautiful place to relax and explore.
Here a couple of must do's to get the most out of this little wonder.

Hire a scooter and learn to drive it. 
Hiring a scooter in Pai is a must. It is so incredibly cheap and is hands down the best way to explore this beautiful little town. Driving down random little roads, finding little waterholes with no one around is always a good time. 

Tubing down Pai River
There's nothing better than a relaxing float down the river with a beer in hand and some good people. Tubing is a very inexpensive way to have a relaxing afternoon. Most companies in Pai will hire you a tube and drive you to the start location up river for approx $5AUD. It takes about 1-2 hours to float down the river back into town. It is a perfect way to view the lives of the farmers without being too intrusive.

 Swim in the hot springs
The Hot Springs are simply delightful. There are several different springs, which are each different temperatures ranging from 30˚-80˚degrees Celsius. Not only can you enjoy a relaxing bath in the spring, you can also grab an egg and boil it in the 80˚ spring up the top. Keep in mind that you do not want to swim in the hottest spring, as you will most likely boil yourself like an egg. 
The hotsprings are wonderful if you're dealing with a hangover,  feeling unwell and they're exceptionally great if you just want a nice relaxing swim. 

 Wat Phra That Mae Yen (Temple on the hill)

Whilst driving the roads of Pai you will most likely see the big Buddha on the hill in the distance. Not only is giant buddha statue awe-inspiring, the temple is also amazingly stunning and gives great insight into the Buddhism. The Temple offers beautiful views of Pai and you won't see many tourists up here. If you're lucky you may also come across a garden full of puppies.


The best possible way for you to get the most out of this place is to explore! Go down those small roads, get lost, detour, climb the mountain and find the hidden lagoon that awaits! Make your own adventure. 


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