Beatnik masterpost: All your questions answered.

There is nothing more exciting than hopping onto a plane and going to a new land that you are yet to explore. There is nothing more incredible than the way that travel can change, expand, and connect your mind.

I understand that it sounds cliche and quite lame, but it truly does. Each time I hop on a plane, land in a new city, make my way to a small hillside town, embrace a new culture, learn some new local phrases it enables me to connect to other humans and you realise how simple life is if we were to take it all back to the basics.
We are all one.

The number one question I receive is "How can you afford to travel?".
The answer? Travel is my main priority.

Last year I managed to travel throughout South East Asia at the beginning of the year, India in the middle, and Cambodia and New Zealand at the end whilst I was part time working and full time studying. My most recent trip I was in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia for two months and I'm heading to New Zealand in a couple of days.

Here are the answers to the questions that are asked most frequently and I'll try to cover it all. Please don't hesitate to ask more questions if I haven't covered something.

Who funds your travel? 
Our travel is funded 100% ourselves.

How do you afford to travel? 
Alex and I both work casually to fund our travels and we simply save our money so we are able to travel.

How can I travel like you? 
Make travel your top priority. If you want to travel then travel! If you're on a small budget then Asia is your answer. A little money can get you a long way.

What are your saving tips? 
1. Open a savings account (with interest) and set a savings goal. Add a set amount to your savings account each week and if possible add in an extra cash you have left over.
2. Make small cuts where possible. Instead of an expensive dinner out with friends, have a delicious home cooked meal! Instead of buying things you don't truly need, pop that money away for your travels. Making small cuts on things like the coffee a day or getting your nails done can really add up!
3. Make saving the priority. 

How do you find cheap flights?
We actually recently discovered Skyscanner which is AMAZING! Always be on the look out for sales, booking far enough in advance and some months are cheaper to fly certain places.

What types of accommodation do you stay in? 
We generally stay in homestays, guesthouses, cheap hotels or hostels. We generally only splash out on accommodation if it's super awesome (e.g Marina Bay sands) or if it's a special occasion. Excluding Marina bay, our budget for a standard double room ranges between $4(Thailand)-$25 (Sri Lanka)
How much do you budget per day?
We generally budget $20 per person per day. This includes accommodation, food, transport and water. Shopping and special sights etc are generally not included in the budget.

How do you book your accommodation? 
We will book a place just before we arrive so we don't have to wander around looking for accommodation late at night. Hostelbookers, Air bnb and Agoda are great. Do be mindful that walk in price is generally cheaper.

What do you pack when you're going overseas?
We generally pack quite light as everything can be bought overseas. I generally pack bathers, a pair of shorts, some undies, some sturdy sandles, a couple of tops and a dress.

Is it hard to be vegetarian/vegan whilst travelling? 

Not at all. Sri Lanka was insanely vegan friendly - all of their main dishes are inherently vegan. Throughout Asia there are copious amounts of fruit and curries are mostly made with coconuts.

What's your favourite place? 
Sri Lanka for food. Indonesia for beaches and India for culture.


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