New Zealand Highlights

Drive down Dessert Highway

Easily one of the most incredible highways I've ever driven on. It's so awe inspiring that it's difficult to keep your eyes on the road when you've got a stunning snowcapped mountain next to you. I challenge you not to pull over and take photos.

Hike Tongariro Alpine Crossing

A world renowned hike for many reasons. Hike Mt Doom. Destroy the ring. Be home for dinner. The hike can be completed in a day and you get to witness one of the most incredible landscapes you'll ever see.

Swim in natural hot springs

There are a lot of spa's that charge you to use their natural hot springs. Luckily enough New Zealand is covered in them and you can easily find them and bask in the beauty of nature for free! Nothing better than a refreshing, hot natural bath!

Explore via campervan

The easiest and surpsingly affordable way to travel around. You've always got a place to sleep and can go on any route that you choose.

Cathedral Cove

Just as beautiful as it was when it appeared in The Chronicals of Narnia, the cove is astoundingly blue and is incredibly stunning. Even offering a section to camp with a self contained vehicle.

Hot Water Beach

How many times in your life can you say that you dug a hole and bathed with a bunch of strangers? Be sure to arrive in low tide to be able to access the hot water that bubbles up from below the sand. If you have your own shovel bring it, if not you can hire one from the cafe.


Awfully overpriced but still increible all the same. Hobbiton is truly beyond magical. Lush, green and hobbit houses everywhere an all round good way to spend the afternoon.


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