How do you afford to travel so often?
We have both personally fund our travels by working part/full time and saving diligently to be able to afford to go overseas. We also both tend to live quite simply when going overseas so our money is able to stretch further by being able to budget wisely and efficiently. Read more here.

How much money do you take with you? 
It depends on where we are travelling. It's best to check at what your countries currency is trading at and going from there to decide how much money you should bring on your trip. For example: In India and Asia we budget for $500 a week. This is overkill but you never know when a large expense will come up.

How do you carry your money overseas?
We generally take a travel money card that is loaded with the amount of money we will be travelling with. We get ours from a bank in Australia. It is important to check all the fees you will be charged for using the card as some banks charge you a lot and some only charge you a little.

What kind of accommodation do you stay in?
We have stayed in a wide array of accommodation from bungalows at the base of mountains with nothing but a mattress, to staying in a five star hotel overlooking the Singapore skyline. Ultimately, it is very budget accommodation. Dorm rooms are obviously the best option for the budget conscious.

What are your travel essentials? 
Alex: A good camera and lens, I like to take nice scenic shots. My Hawaiian shirt is also important.

Em: Camera! I'm a sucker for cameras and generally take at least three. Comfy, durable footwear is always a must  and coconut oil.

How much do you pack and what do you pack? 
Alex: Usually we are in a warm climate so 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of bathers, 2 tshirts and maybe a shirt (this is usually Hawaiian). A pair of jeans and a jumper, a pair of shoes and some thongs (Flip flops). Always my camera and extra lens. I am a self confessed shopaholic too.

Em: I'm an exceptionally light packer. I generally pack my camera, a pair of bathers, maxi skirt/dress, 2 tops and maybe a pair of pants.

What's your favourite destination that you've travelled? 
Alex: My soul belongs to India.

Em: India will forever have the number one destination spot in my soul.


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