Adams Peak

Located in the town of Dallhousie is Sri Lankas most famous pilgrimage walk. Situated about 76 kms from Newaraelyia or a couple of hour bus ride, is Adams Peak. Said to be the place where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven. Also known as Sri Pada ("sacred footprint" that Buddha left on his walk to paradise), or even more beautifully Butterfly Mountain; where butterflies go to die. Located in the beautiful hill area, this mountain has been a focus for pilgrimage for more than 1000 years. 

Arriving in Dallhousie, the town definitely isn't much in off season. Most shops, expect for three, we're all boarded up and closed and it just has a ghost town kind of feeling to it. However, during peak season candles and tea houses light the way to the top of the peak. 
We heard about a little guesthouse located right next to the beginning of the walk, called The Greenhouse. The little house is surrounded by greenery. Pot plants lace the decking and they have a delightful garden encasing the stairs that lead up to the house. 
The rooms were cheap: 1000LKR for a double with shared bathroom and 2000LKR for a double with attached bathroom. They also do breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

We decided to start the walk at 2:30am so we could view the sunrise over the valley. The alarm sounded at the dreadful hour, we pulled on our hiking boots and head torches and began the walk. You will head through the temple, where you are blessed by a monk and asked for a donation. Starting so early you get a beautiful view of the sky above. I strongly recommend that you turn of your head torch and have a look at what is above you, peering through the trees. 
The sounds of the jungle are beautiful and offer such tranquility. 
The 7km walk is up steps a majority of the way, 5200 of them. You can easily reach the top between 2.5-4 hours. Be sure to bring snacks and warm clothing for the top. 
The view from the summit is absolutely incredible. The peak rises above the clouds, as the sun rises the sky changes colour. Pinks and blues whips through the sky and you watched as the sun rises above the clouds, illuminating everything. 

On the way up I began experiencing stomach cramps and was not feeling too well at all. Luckily it did not hit fully until we returned to the hotel after the walk. I had food poisoning. The night before we had dinner from the guesthouse with a fellow traveller, and I thought he food was a bit iffy and ate it anyway. Huge mistake. I vomited all day, resulting in us having to stay in Dalhousie for an extra day for me to so whets recover so we could head on to Ella.
If food seems a bit iffy, don't eat it. Food poising can take a while for you to fully recover from and forces you to miss out on a lot of things. Stay healthy! 


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