Arriving in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Quick Facts
Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)
Language: Sinhala, Tamil and English
Visas: 30 day visa available online for $30 or available upon arrival for $35. 
Money: ATMS available throughout, as well as Western Union. 

We arrived in Sri Lanka via our transit in Malaysia. The first impression of walking out of the airport was calm. Sri Lanka transmitted an ambiance of relaxation and ease. We took a taxi from the front of the airport. We settled on 1000 LKR to be taken to our hotel - which in turn was WAY too much. Be sure to haggle prices. Even if you just hopped off a plane and are uber tired. 

Negombo is a quaint little beach town located 30km from the counties capital, Colombo. It is situated close to the international airport and boasts a wonderfully friendly local community. Driving down through Negombo we were surprised as to how clean the air was.  It is how many people describe it: A nicer India. 

Whilst in Negombo we stayed at a lovely little home stay called The Grand Traverse. The man who runs the stay, Rasika and his beautiful wife Chami and daughter are beyond hospitable. For a wonderful price of 1300LKR Per night for a double with fan, this home stay is fantastic Sri Lankan simplicity. Exhausted from our flying we decided to have dinner at the hotel, which ended up being a very wise choice. Rasikas wife prepared the most amazing vegetable fried rice dish I've ever had the honour of eating. 800 LKR gave a a double serving that we were unable to eat and we are very big on eating. 

A short tuk tuk drive from the hotel is Negombo beach. The tuk tuk drive should cost no more than 300 LKR one way. Beware as many say it will be 500lkr. Negombo beach is nice, although not the greatest that Sri Lanka has to offer. We wandered up the beach to find a nice place to swim. Scattered along the sands is A bright array or blue, white and orange. Sri Lankan fishing boats that the local fisherman take out early morning and evening to fish.

The next morning we decided to venture to the nations capital, Colombo. Sri Lanka has a deceptively easy public transport system. We simply jumped on the train for 35LKR pp. 
From Colombos main station, Colombo Fort, we walked through a vast marketplace that sold everything from funky coloured toe nail cutters, fake sunglasses (that are "very good quality"), to car parts. We saw a majority of the city by taking the bus to try and find a cinema. Coming from 12 degree weather in Melbourne, to 35 degrees in Colombo, we were in need of some air conditioning. 
So, we went and saw The Avengers. The only dilemma was that the aircon was at least 13 degrees and we should've bought jumpers. 

Our stay in Negambo was short as we knew we needed to venture to the countries East Coast, but we shall head back towards the West near the end of our time in Sri Lanka. 

                                          Super jet lagged Negombo selfies 

                                  Our first introduction to Sri Lankan tea



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